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A perfect JRPG

The good:

Innovative Battle system.

Limited Random encounters (promotes battling for exploring, rather than battling 100 enemies, you battle 20 and do not respawn, sans certain exceptions)

Split path giving you a reason to play the game twice or more.

Excellent Voice Acting.

Logical plot with unexpected twists that connect in history.

Good Character Development.

Customization of the character on a whole new level.

Posibility of Crafting your own weapons, armor and items (allowing you to effectivley control the challenge)

The bad:

Two Cliche Villians, that are disposed mid game.


Ar Tonelico is often called a widget series, i call Meoldy of Elemia a master class JRPG, the game has some unique takes on magic, only women of a race called Reyvateil can craft song magic, which is the magic used here, they are often partnered with someone, but sadly there is a bit of xenophobia on the side against some reyvateils, for several reasons (which i will not spoil, go and buy this game if you want to know them), song magic is so varied that makes final Fantasy turn green with envy, due to it being the most magic flexible system, ontop of the normal magic there are offensive spe...


Reyvateils, Songs, and sexual innuendos. Oh my.


Let's face it. In today's gaming world, a lot of people have ripped on games that are on the 2D surface. Games like Atelier Iris 1 and 2 come to mind as good examples of this. However, just because a game has 2D Sprites doesn't mean it's going to be a bad game, and I wish people would accept that fact. Enter Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia.

Ar Tonelico follows the story of a young knight, Lyner, as he sets out to search for a crystal called a Hymn Crystal to save his homeland, Platina, from a virus (enemies, not disease) attack. While the story might start out pretty slow, it quickly starts to...


A nice little RPG with lots of character depth


Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia is the latest 2-D RPG from the developers at Gust, who are mostly known for the long-running Atelier series. The game was released in North America by NIS America, over a year after the Japanese release. The release was originally scheduled for a much earlier date, but the game was delayed several times due to NIS America not realizing just how much dialogue needed translating.

Ar Tonelico takes place in a unique fantasy world centering around a massive tower called *shockgasp* Ar Tonelico. At the base of the tower lie the Wings of Horus, a land where the common...

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