Aquanaut's Holiday: Hidden Memories

  • Released on Sep 24, 2008
  • By Artdink for PS3

Aquanaut's Holiday: Hidden Memories Cheats

Aquanaut's Holiday: Hidden Memories cheats, Trophys, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Completed all SONOBUOY (Bronze)Changed all SONOBUOY batteries and restarted.
Cleared all Episodes (Silver)All episodes are cleared.
Completed Aqua Library [small creature] Registry (Silver)Registered all registerable [small creatures] in Aqua Library.
Completed Aqua Library [middle creature] Registry (Silver)Registered all registerable [middle creatures] in Aqua Library.
Completed Aqua Library [large creature] Registry (Silver)Registered all registerable [large creatures] in Aqua Library.
Completed Aqua Library [discovery] Registry (Silver)Registered all registerable [discoveries] in Aqua Library.
Completed Aqua Library Registry (Gold)Registered all registerable items in Aqua Library.
Platinum trophy (Platinum)Acquired all trophies.
Secret Trophies-
Discovery of Sea of Melody (Bronze)Discovered Sea of Melody
Discovery of Refuge of Tuna (Bronze)Discovered Refuge of Tuna
Discovery of Sea of Calling (Bronze)Discovered Sea of Calling
Discovery of Atlas's Pillars (Bronze)Discovered Atlas's Pillars
Discovery of Gate of Adventure (Bronze)Discovered Gate of Adventure
Discovery of Sea of Revelation (Bronze)Discovered Sea of Revelation
Discovery of Hina's Backyard (Bronze)Discovered Hina's Backyard
Discovery of Sea of Whisper (Bronze)Discovered Sea of Whisper
Discovery of Sea of Prayer (Bronze)Discovered Sea of Prayer
Discovery of Shrine (Bronze)Discovered Shrine
Discovery of World Navel (Bronze)Discovered World Navel
Completed Royal angelfish (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Royal angelfish (singer) all cleared.
Completed Threadfin butterflyfish (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Threadfin butterflyfish (singer) all cleared.
Completed Clownfish (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Clownfish (singer) all cleared.
Completed Great seahorse (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Great seahorse (singer) all cleared.
Completed Picasso triggerfish (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Picasso triggerfish (singer) all cleared.
Completed Green sea turtle (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Green sea turtle (singer) all cleared.
Completed Palette surgeonfish (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Palette surgeonfish (singer) all cleared.
Completed Emperor angelfish (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Emperor angelfish (singer) all cleared.
Completed Napoleonfish (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Napoleonfish (singer) all cleared.
Completed Moorish idol (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Moorish idol (singer) all cleared.
Completed Royal gramma (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Royal gramma (singer) all cleared.
Completed Atlantic footballfish (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Atlantic footballfish (singer) all cleared.
Completed Coelacanth (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Coelacanth (singer) all cleared.
Completed Ocean sun fish (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Ocean sun fish (singer) all cleared.
Completed Porcupinefish (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Porcupinefish (singer) all cleared.
Completed Pelican eel (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Pelican eel (singer) all cleared.
Completed Manta ray (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Manta ray (singer) all cleared.
Completed Bottle-nose dolphin (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Bottle-nose dolphin (singer) allcleared.
Completed Nautilus (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Nautilus (singer) all cleared.
Completed Black pyramid butterflyfish (singer) (Bronze)Sonar games for Black pyramid butterflyfish (singer) all cleared.
Completed Clownfish series (Bronze)Clownfish series all 7 varieties completed. Ocellaris clownfish / Tomato clownfish / Clownfish / Saddleback clownfish / Pink anemonefish / Yellow clownfish / Wide-band...
Completed Butterflyfish series (Bronze)Butterflyfish series all 16 varieties completed. Teardrop butterflyfish / Pennant coralfish / Beaked coralfish / Blue blotch butterflyfish / Threadfin butterflyfish / Fourspot...
Completed Seahorse series (Bronze)Seahorse series all 5 varieties completed. Seahorse / Great seahorse / Spotted seahorse / Leafy sea dragon / Weedy sea dragon
Completed Flat fish series (Bronze)Flat fish series all 6 varieties completed. Olive flounder / Hailbut / Littlemouth flounder / Flathead flounder / Stone flounder / Ridged-eye flounder
Completed Puffer fish series (Bronze)Puffer fish series all 9 varieties completed. Blackspotted puffer / Valentinni's sharpnose puffer / Shaw's Cowfish / Yellow boxfish / Tiger puffer / Purple puffer / Yellowfin...
Completed Morray eel series (Bronze)Morray eel series all 4 varieties completed. Ribbon eel / Morray eel / Leopard moray eel / Giant moray
Completed Ocean sunfish series (Bronze)Ocean sun fish series all 3 varieties completed. Ocean sun fish/ Opah / Slender sunfish
Released all Bill’s log (Silver)All Bill’s logs are released.
Meme Panel released all (Silver)All Meme Panel released.
Meme Tree completed (Silver)All Meme trees bore fruit.
Cleared All Sonar Games (Gold)All sonar games are cleared.
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