Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Cheats

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney cheat codes.


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Different lottery tickets from Ema
There are 3 tickets which can appear after scanning Ema's lottery tickets: Big Winner, Try again and You lose. Seeing each one depends of the speed at which the game sentences are read.

To see the Big winner they musn't be skipped with the B button or touching the screen, if the player keeps pushing the B button to skip them then the Try again appears, and if it touches the screen too much to skip sentences then the You lose appears.
Always save before you have to make a big choice. Also save when you are given a new piece of evidence. To save, press START.
Stuck in a trial?
If youre ever stuck in a testimony try pressing everything it helps alot, also if that doest work save you're game and present every piece of evidence at each testimony part.
Unlock Cases
There are four cases total in this game. To unlock cases, you must successfully complete the case before it. Once a case is unlocked, however, you can go back to it and replay it at any time.