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Yes, it is good. And it's from Holland!


I submitted this review because I already made it for another site, so enjoy. It's LONG!

Opening Comments:

Finally, a real RPG from my own little country. Holland is put on the map with this game.
It's not really being distributed into the whole world, but there are multiple ways to get a copy of this gem. This game may be viewed as a fantasy/strategy game. It also has a gamplay that resembles that of an RTS, but RPG elements dominate most of the game. This game has also mayor influences of the Heroes of Might & Magic series, but it's definitely not a copy of the game. I will make this clear ...


Age of Wounders

The good:

One of the best turned based games I've played. Verry good range of units and spells. Has High Replayability

The bad:

AI over whelms you in some games. (This may be because of my style of play.?)


I keep going back to this game a lot. It is really enjoyable to repay. There are different sound tracks to set the mood for your troops. Give it a try
When first learning the game use only small or mediam maps. Set all the other races to independent till you get the hang of what is really going on. Use and select your hero abilities carefully. Wall Crawling is a wounder trait. Get your spell casting abilities up to level 5 asap. There are lots of really good spells. Gold rush is one of my favorites. If your a HMM fan you'll love this game.


Age of Wonders


Nearly perfect for a strategy game; fun,
challenging, pretty, good interface, very
replayable, strong multiplayer.

But not very appealing for non-strategy
gamers; gameplay demands concentration and
strategic planning.

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