: : : : : : : Have towers as your walls

Age of Empires II Tips

Have towers as your walls
First you type the gold and stone cheats 20 times so you can have 20,000 gold and stone.
Then type the cheat aegis for fast building.
Take your villagers and construct towers straight adjacent to each other.
Construct as many towers as your can.
You don't need to construct gates. Just garrison your inside your tower and ungarrison them outside your kingdom.
I constructed bombard towers as my walls and they kept attacking the enemies while i constructed a wonder.
The only problem is that siege weapons having range more then 11 can attack your towers without the tower attacking them.
If they attack then sent you cavalry to attack them.
Units like Ram require to be hit 3 times to be killed. Knights to be hit 1-2 times Swordsman to be hit 1-2 times Monk and villagers 1 time and War Elephants to be hit 2-3 times.
Depends on how much armor they have and the type of tower you constructed