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Age of Empires II Tips

The best way to win a game cheat free
the easiest way to win a game without using cheats in any difficult is this:

1. Create as many villagers as you can (approx. 15)

2. Send 3 to cut wood, 3 to mine gold, 3 to mine stone and 4 to build farms.

3. build a palisade around the inside of your town (just big enough so you can build about 5 houses) and send your scout cavalry to explore the out skirts of your town.

4. Advance to the feudal age and get as many villagers as you can to build a much bigger wall around the outside of your palisade wall (your scout cavalry should have explored around a quarter of the map by now).

5. Start building a giant army and send them to the outskirts of your village and make them stand their ground so they don't start chasing enemies.

6. Attack your nearest enemy and then repeat steps 1,3 and 5.

This is a simple but effective game plan that makes this game really easy.

Keep the palisade walls even though you don't need them and build some every few gaps or so. This helps stop your allies or your enemies from interfering with your current work.
Another good idea would be to build lots of towers on the inside of your main wall and scatter a few around inside your village in case some enemy does make it into your village.

Also don't forget to advance all the way to the Imperial age so you can build better units.
I managed to defeat 7 players in 45 minutes using this cheat free tactic.