Age of Empires II: Gold Edition (PC) Cheats

Age of Empires II: Gold Edition cheats, Passwords, and Codes for PC.


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In-game Passwords
Aegis - I believe that is the code, but anyways, it makes so when you ask someone to build something/something to spawn it does it/is built when you ask it. No more waiting for catapults or walls to be built! Just click and you're safe!
PasswordWhat it does
AegisUnlocks faster building/spawning


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All Enemies Die
Press Enter and type diediedie in to kill all enemies.
Automatic Victory
Press Enter and type in home run to automatically win the game.
Fast Scout
Type in "i love the monkey head" to get a lightning fast villager.
Improved Preists
Press Enter and type hoyohoyo in to make all preists stronger and faster.
Improved Range
Press Enter and type icbm in to increase the range of your ballista's and helepolis's to 99.
Instant Building
Press Enter and type in steroids to make create buildings instantly.
Killing, destroying and making streets.
To kill any of your men, simply select the unit you wish to kill and press 'delete'. This also works on houses, although you cannot use it on another player's/PC's units.

Using this cheat, you can create roads through your buildings! Simply get a builder to build walls through the gaps between buildings and when they are finished, destroy the walls and you will be left with a pavement of sorts.
Reveals Map
Press Enter and type in reveal map to reveal the map.
Stealth Composite Bowman
Press Enter and type dark rain in to turn all bowmen into composite bowmen that turn into trees when they're not moving.
Stronger Catapults
Press Enter and type big bertha in to strengthen all of your catapults.
Upgrade to Flying Dutchmen
Press Enter and type flying dutchman in to upgrade your catapult tiremes and juggernauts into flying dutchmen.
Various cheats
For 1000 gold type Robin Hood.

For 1000 wood type lumberjack.

For 1000 stone type rock on.

For 1000 food type cheese steak jimmy's.

To turn all birds in sky into flying black dogs with capes, type woof woof.

(Do all of this at the chat menu)