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So Emotional and So Exciting!

The good:

This game has done nothing but fascinate me when being played. The Character Alsey Mizuki Robins, the young girl of thirteen just before her fourteenth birthday travels to an island to meet her Father who she thought was dead. The story starts off there, when your aunt Jessica has disappeared from the scene, you are to begin your adventure and find out many secrets and information about Blood Edward Island. The descriptive and detailed character art and background art are simply amazing. It really makes the scenery look so real you could touch it. There are so many things you can find out just by a click of the stylus on an object. The plot was completely unexpected, there was so many twists and events, that just makes you want to keep going further and further to find out the truth about the island and the where abouts of Ashley's dad. The puzzles and clues and incredibly hard to figure out, but sometimes you forget that the answer is right in front of you. The music was one of my favourites. It really set the mood of things when it came to some scenes in the game. Some of it sounded so intense. I also noticed the graphics were only used when running your characters through rooms, mostly it was great art and some slight animation that put the game together.

The bad:

I have to admit, people have heard the game is short, but it is very time consuming, some of the puzzle are very difficult it could have you there all day. Though I was slightly disappointed by the shortness of the game. But many other things really make up for it. I wouldn't say this was a bad comment as such, though the puzzle were incredibly hard I guess. Sometimes it would get so for me, that I'd get in a fluster about it.


Over all, an outstanding game. The plot is something you really have to pay attention too, it's not just about Ashley trying to find her Dad, it's that and much much more including the Edwards family and your little ghostly friend D. I must admit that near the end, when figuring out everything there was to know, I wanted to cry near the end. The story is very overwhelming, it's like you're in the story yourself, with the many options and interactivity with your stylus. I clearly recommend this game, it may be a little short, but it has so many features for you to use, blowing off dust, ...

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