Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt (PS2) Cheats

Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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The tools needed regularly during the game are located as follows.

Bombs: Just next to the light switch in King O'Sullivans Mines you will find another mouse cage. The bombs are your reward for winning the Pinky And The Brain mini-game.

Grass Skirt: This one is easy to miss . Go into Once Upon a Time. Find the dirt mound and shovel sign directly outside the entrance. Dig it up to find the skirt.

Magnifying Glass: Makes Chicken Boo's footprints visible. In Once Upon a Timeis a mouse cage in the early areas of the dragon's cave. Win the Pinky And The Brain mini-game to win the glass.

Night-Vision Goggles: Grants you sight in dark places. They are in King O'Sullivans Mines. O'Sullivan gives them to you once you have found the permanent light switch in the mine. To enter the mine, find all three pieces of the door key.

Proton Accelerator Pack: Your long distance weapon. You get this from Boogor in Spooky Movie. He is just inside the front door to the mansion.

Scuba Mask: Allows you to swim underwater. Talk to Duffy Fish at the start of Once Upon a Time and he will give it to you.

Shovel: Used for digging up buried treasure. There is a mouse cage outside the back of the mansion in Spooky Movie, near the roller ghoster entrance. Win the Pinky And The Brain mini-game to win the shovel.

Suction Cups: You need these to climb walls with paw prints on them. You get them in Ye Old West, outside the Prospector's Mine. Talk to ol' Skookum Jim near the entrance to the mine.
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