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Visuals: 2/10
The visuals are pretty ugly, but it's a Gamecube Game and it was quite early, visuals ARE supposed to be ugly. I found myself looking at mounds of clay with clothes, that's what the characters are. They hardly even feel like they took any form of effort, just piles of clay with clothes. To top that off, you have to stare at them for all of the game. The buildings don't look as bad, but they're still terrible looking. Guess what? You also have to keep looking at them for the whole game. The items look uglier. You have to collect them and you also have to stare at them. They're possibly the ugliest visuals, but it's an early Gamecube game. You really can't blame Nintendo because they attempted to make another 3D game in 2001 which looks extremely ugly.

Sound: 2/10
The sound-bytes are just plain repetitive. To be honest, I think once you play for a few hours, the music will get incridibally annoying and repetitive. Even for an early Gamecube game, the game's sound bytes sound like a pile of crap. It's alright once in a while, but try putting up with them for the whole frigging game. The only good sound bytes are the NES ones in this game, and even they're not that great. This game's sound bytes are far from the best, but they're also far from the worst. I just found the sounds crappy and annoying seeing as you have to put up with it throughout the whole game and it just pisses the hell out of me. Pathetic...

Lastability: 3/10
This game is fairly long, but I doubt you'll play long enough to see the ending due to the repetitiveness of this game. It feels like you've been playing the EXACT same game for hours. Besides, this took me 20 hours straight to finish. I hardly find this game a challenge.

Gameplay: 1/10
Wait, DON'T TELL ME, IT'S A SIMS GAME! It's one of those repetitive reality games where you buy a house, earn money, have kids, buy a load of shit and move to bigger houses. AM I RIGHT GOD!? Well, actually, the only good thing about the gameplay is the NES games, but it's hardly worth it. Expect a half-broken A button by the time you finish this game because you're going to have to press it a lot. You sometimes get to move left and right. By sometimes, I mean rarely. You have to press A, B and other buttons a lot, but mostly the A button. You have to buy certain items. You can fish, make some of your own (ugly) clothes, catch some bugs, harvest and then you have to get enough money to get a bigger load of crap. To get money, you have to earn it by doing some challenges, selling stuff you don't need and working for some poorly-constructed guy. Oh, and to get the NES games, you have to talk to one hell of a lot of people, which adds to half-broken A and X buttons, and then you finally get to. I didn't bother finishing the NES games because Animal Crossing is so overhyped, boring and repetitive and I just wanted to finish it. By the time you get halfway through the game, it'll get very repetitive. It just sucked, simple as that.

Score: 1.0/5.0

Comment: Don't buy this game. If anything, rent it first.

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