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Watching the grass grow...

The good:

+ You can choose to be a male or female player.
+ The game never really ends. It will keep you busy for a very long time.
+ Walk, run, fall, shake trees, plant trees, chop down trees, dig holes, fill holes, go fishing, catch butterflies and insects, plant flowers, pick weeds.
+ You can carry an umbrella, shovel, fishing rod, axe, net, and balloon.
+ The ability to complete the museum by finding every fossil, valuable painting, fish, and insect.
+ There is weather in the game, such as rain and snow.
+ Move into a town, get a small house that you can make bigger as you progress in the game. You can make the main room bigger, and even add a basement and top floor.
+ Characters move in and out of your town. You can interact with them all and do errands for them. Rewards are given for task completion. You make townspeople happy, as well as mad depending on what you do.
+ Visit a local store, post office, museum, police station, clothes store, and dump.
+ Buy and sell items with the store.
+ Customize how your player looks (clothing, umbrella) and house looks (size, outside, inside).
+ Create clothing designs at the clothes store and wear them (or display them in the store for other townspeople to buy and wear. Design clothing patterns and umbrella patterns.
+ You can adjust the camera to a few different angles.
+ Collect all the furniture, floorings, wallpapers, and special items to complete your list and furnish your house the way you like.
+ Write and mail letters to fellow townspeople, create the town tune, and even participate in the mayors decisions regarding the town from time to time.
+ Visit other friend's towns in their game.
+ Throw unwanted items in the dump, which is cleared twice a week.
+ Drop an item on the map and it will stay there until you remove it. If you save and quit, the item will remain.
+ Random events occur in the game on a daily basis. Always fun to partake in.
+ Enter fellow townspeople's houses and get ideas of how to decorate your house.

The bad:

- When you visit a friends town, you lose a member of your town (which moves to their town). I was not too fond of that. Also on occasion, a townsperson leaves your town for no reason whatsoever.
- Though you can do a lot of little things in the game, there isn't a lot to the game. Not a lot of depth.
- Annoyingly addictive.
- What is with that fruity little noise that townspeople make when they talk? Did that really need to be added to the game?
- The items at the store are random, so half the time you keep getting the same items to buy instead of new ones.
- Not a lot of ways to make money. You either have to sell fish, sell insects, sell fruits, or sell your items.
- Speech is way too slow and at times, townspeople say way too much at once.
- Tasks/errands that you have to do are so darn repetitive that it bores you.
- Since when is it alright to randomly enter the house of people in your town?
- It is so irritating when townspeople leave their houses and roam the map. You can never find them.
- If one more character gives me stationary (paper for writing letters) as a reward for doing a task for them, I will throw them off the cute little cliff.
- Occasionally when you talk to a character, the surrounding area disappears temporarily, such as trees and houses).
- When you use your axe a lot, it breaks, which is quite annoying.
- Way too often are you fishing and instead of a fish, you catch a darn useless boot or tire that you have to throw in the dump.
- Since the game runs on your GCN time, you often miss events because you can't play all day long everyday. This forces you to change the GCN's time to do things, which is annoying.
- Half the time when you plant trees (including the money trees), they do not grow.
- If you run over flowers too many times, they disappear.
- If you shake the wrong tree, a honeycomb will drop and bees will chase and sting you, leaving your character hideous for days.
- Mosquitoes bite you, which half the time occurs when you are catching a fish, which therefore stops the process and you lose the fish. They also bite you way too often.
- The town store closes too early, and townspeople go to sleep too early as well.


This game is quite possibly the most stupid, kiddy, pointless, repetitive but yet addictive and strangely fun game ever made. It will keep your attention for about a month before you just get so bored of it that you stop playing. You basically do the same things over and over again everyday, and soon enough you catch on and ditch the game.

The game begins with your character meeting someone on a train, who helps you get yourself started in a town where a friend of his lives. The friend gives you a tiny little house and forces you to work for him for awhile. Eventually he lets you go and you ...


Ahhh, Animal Crossing

The good:


The bad:

Get's realllly boring and repetitive


Animal Crossing is a life simulator game except that you live in a village full of animals. You can talk to other animals, run errands, create "cool" clothes patters, buy stuff, etc. And that's 'bout where the fun ends. As I said, you can talk to other people in your village but 9 times out of 10, it will be something you already heared. You can also fish in this game. Sounds like fun? Sure it is, but it gets old and tired after the third time. You can dig holes and plant trees to grow fruits which is not as fun as it seems. And, if you're lucky, your tree will actually grow! And imagine, ...



Visuals: 2/10
The visuals are pretty ugly, but it's a Gamecube Game and it was quite early, visuals ARE supposed to be ugly. I found myself looking at mounds of clay with clothes, that's what the characters are. They hardly even feel like they took any form of effort, just piles of clay with clothes. To top that off, you have to stare at them for all of the game. The buildings don't look as bad, but they're still terrible looking. Guess what? You also have to keep looking at them for the whole game. The items look uglier. You have to collect them and you also have to stare at them. They're p...


The most best game ever

The good:

This game is easy too get hooked on.Just like in real life seasons change holidays come and go.You get your own house but you have too pay for it well don't expect everything in life too be free.This is the only game I know that has you hooked for years.Plant your own trees buy turnips catch fish and bugs.Nes games can be gotten in the game nintendo made this game too good.You can help out with a museum and your friends can come there too look at all of the history there.Theres all lot of things good about this game neighbors sure they say some of the same things but its ok.Make your own shirts at the tailer.Trade items with people over the internet using american codes.Fish catch bugs and get fun cool items that are just for fun I know what they are but I don't want too spoil it for you.

The bad:

Theres nothing bad about this game.Nintendo has made a super cool game.They worked hard making the game and I thank them for making animal crossing for america and many other countries.


Buy the game you don't know what your missing.The game has things too do everyday except at night when everybodys in bed.its not an RPG game it's like a reality game.You start off buy meeting rover on the train he will ask your name state and time when you get off the train you will get a random style from the other characters you can get when you see the style for your character that you want keep need 58 blocks for your memory card to play the game it comes with a free 59 block memory card.Build up reputation with animals.

I give this game a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 thanks nintendo fo...


Originality at its best


We have seen many games come out for the GC, but nothing like this game. Animal Crossing is a real-time, addictive game. The game uses the time from your GC that you seted when you first used it. In this game, you run around town, talking to neighbors, fish, pluck weeds, catch bugs, design your own cloths, and make enough money, to pay off your house and get a bigger one.

The controls for this game is very simple. Use the control stick to walk, B button to run, X to view map and Y or start to to at you inventory.

The game features Chrarcters, with their own personalities. You can make them ma...


Two Years Of Campaigning...

The good:

It shows that Nintendo do respond to European campaigns sometimes...occasionally...very rarely...erm, extremely rarely...

The bad:

There's too much to fit in here. Kindly see below, please.


Isn't it ironic that when Nintendo finally decides to respond to the campaigns of European players and releases a game which has been kept back from us for ages, it turns out to be disappointing?

France, after over a year of campaigning, eventually received confirmation of a release for the game. The rest of Europe was campaigning for at least TWO years before we finally saw the game released here. So, what exactly is (are) the problems(s)? I shall now explain.

For a start, the "Universal Code System" has become the "American Code System", since apparently very few or possibly even NONE of th...

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