Doubutsu no Mori (Import) Cheats

Lovely Set Codes
Below is a list of the lovely set, and the codes you have to tell Tom Nook to get the items

Q6&6KQom9DzR35 . 8fLDC4%EEpCmiR Lovely Armchair:Tell: Tom Nook
Graw5agAEabbag . GrabbagGrabbag Lovely Armchair:Tell: Villager
Toad&Mushsooms . Hmad&Mushrooms Lovely Chair:Tell: Tom Nook
Grab5aggEabbag . GrabbagGrabbag Lovely Chair:Tell: Villager
4u&x5fw9GINwLS . 9ljjHSoLwZMD7& Lovely End Table:Tell: Tom Nook
B6&6KQom9DzR35 . kfLDC4%EEpCmiR Lovely Kitchen:Tell: Tom Nook
DwpermKriobro3 . Sjpermariobro3 Lovely Kitchen:Tell: Villager
GrHb5agbEabbag . GrabbagGrabbag Lovely Lamp:Tell: Villager
4Ui6TCC8iZcQW3 . dwh%jtLcqjIZBf Lovely Phone:Tell: Tom Nook
dhoDamnHRADoes . NotLikeMyHouse Lovely Stereo:Tell: Tom Nook
Uni6ersalClRes . Eniversa2Codes Lovely Vanity:Tell: Tom Nook