Doubutsu no Mori (Import) Tips

Just To let you know...
If you like a neighbor alot, a couple of things you do NOT do to them! DON'T shove them around! This will make them mad or sad, depending on the personality, they'll either stomp or trudge around unless you leave the area and come back after a few seconds. Then it'll be like it never happened. DON'T put pitfalls around them and shove them in it! Those little white golf-ball like things you pick up randomly? Pitfalls. You bury that in the ground near a person, they hit the spot, they fall down, and struggle until you talk to them. They don't get mad on the outside, but inside, they're probably thinking. "What a dick! I'm leaving if she/he does that again!!" And they will! A sweet puppie, Maddie, moved after she accidently fell into a pitfall when I meant for another charecter to fall into it, and she was so sad, that the next time I got on, she moved! So, if you have a friend who will always talk to you and won't be cranky ever, ever EVER, be nice!