Doubutsu no Mori (Import) Cheats

The Easiest Way To Get Bells
Every New Year your Mother sends you 10,000 bells. When you first turn on the game and start to load a game, A character will ask you if you are ready. Tell that character "Before I go..." then a new menu will come up. Tell the character "Other things" and at the final menu select "Set Clock". Set the time at 00:03(12:03a.m.), The Date at January 1st and the year 2004(or whatever the year is after the current year). Then when you start the game you will have mail. One letter will be a from yo Moms with 10,000 bells attached. (You usually get like an HRA Letter too) Then talk to your Gyroid and "Save & Quit" Repeat this process except next time set the year at 2005(or the year after what you already set it at the first time you did this trick, evertime you do this go back and forth between years. e.g. 2004 to 2005 to 2004 to 2005 and so on) You can get 100,000 bells in less than half an hour.