Doubutsu no Mori (Import) Cheats

Easy Money
Note: This cheat requires two memory cards with town data.

For anyone who doesn't like to change the date and get more bells, this a good cheat for you to use. Start in the town and as the person you want to earn more bells. Put aside all of your items into the bank while as a gift in letter(you can get them back later) or just into a letter. Start by filling up your pockets whith a fruit that is foreign to the other memory cards town. You can put some fruit in letters also. Make sure you have a LOT of fruit. then travel to the other town on the train. Go Tom Nook and sell all the fruit for 500 bells apiece. If you did this right you should have recieved 7,500+ bells. Then fill up your pockets with that town's fruit, which should be foriegn to yours. Go back to your town and sell it to Nook for another 7,500+ bells. Kepp doing until there are no more fruit. then wait a few more days for the fruit to grow back.

This will also work with fish and insects just without the traveling part. Hve fun buying and paying off your debt with your bells!!!