Doubutsu no Mori (Import) Cheats

ok if you want to get money FaSt shake trees and 100$$ will fall out. Keep repeting this untill you have the amount you need.

If you want to catch fish that sell for a LOT of $$,the best time is reaaally late at night you can fin them EVERY WHERE. If you are looking for fish and if you are holding dowm the "B" button STOP!!!!! you wil scare the fish.

if you shake a tree and a bees nest fall out pres the "B" button and RUN to the neares house or busnis. if you dont run fast enuff you will get stung. it is not a big deal.

When you are looking for fossles if you dig on the wired spot you some times can dig up a gone thing or funiture.

DO NOT GIVE YOUR FOSSLES TO THE MUSEM!!!! After you get them prodused in to actual fossles go to nook's cranny or nook's N go and sell them.

After you pay your debt go to nooks store and he will ask you if you want a bacement or a larger house. Get the basment it really helps then you can mak your house larger.

Make sure to say HI to the new nabors.!.!.