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Ported from N64. Titled "Animal Forest Plus" in Japan.

Added on: July 10, 2001


[edit] Background

Animal Crossing is a "communication game" in which your character works to earn money for food, clothes, furniture and a house. Interact with other animals, such as a raccoon real-estate agent, a pelican postman and a canine policeman. A built in clock parallels the real world, and seasons and time of day both affect gameplay.

[edit] Gameplay

As you collect furnishings for your own house, check out what other villagers have collected for their houses. Build relationships by talking to other villagers, helping them with tasks and writing letters back and forth. Throughout the game, you'll collect an assortment of items and artifacts and different plants and animals. To ensure it will be a desirable place for people to live, help to keep your village beautiful

[edit] Features

  • Life ticks by in real-time different things happen at different times of the day, and seasons change just like they do in the real world!
  • Get to know your town. Meet your neighbours, buy a house, and furnish it however you like.
  • So much to do! Plant trees, pull weeds, go shopping, run errands – or just go fishing.
  • Get three friends to move to your town or travel to a friend's town to see what's up.
  • Connect to a Game Boy Advance using a Nintendo GameCube to Game Boy Advance cable (Sold Separately) to travel to a new island and design new clothes.

[edit] Hardware Requirements

•Gamecube to Gameboy Advance Connector Cable (For use in accessing Animal Island and E-Reader)
•E-Reader (Using the GC to GBA Connector Cable and an E-Reader, you can scan E-Reader cards to unlock special items)

This game is also known as Doubutsu no Mori in Japan.

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Latest Activity

Feb 25, 15 12:21pm
This was my GAME as a kid. DoubutsuNoMoriImport
Jul 23, 12 9:20pm
fun and creative! i miss some elements that they took out in later games... DoubutsuNoMoriImport
Jun 12, 12 4:06pm
great game DoubutsuNoMoriImport
nasty nappa
Jun 18, 11 4:57am
the most addictive game ever this is proberly the most fun game ive played in my life DoubutsuNoMoriImport
Dec 29, 10 2:57am
Not as great as the DS, but it's up there! DoubutsuNoMoriImport
Nov 12, 10 5:18pm
added 3 new concept art
Jul 25, 10 11:49pm
Meh. Played it a lot as a kid but used tons of glitches, guides, and cheats. Never got far, but it wasn't a bad time-killer. DoubutsuNoMoriImport
Party Pooper
May 12, 10 12:09pm
ultra fun! my fav out of all the ac series DoubutsuNoMoriImport
May 9, 10 8:17am
This game is MUCH simpiler than the DS version, and easier to complete. Instead, every player gets their own house. DoubutsuNoMoriImport
Dec 16, 09 6:59pm
very first game ever DoubutsuNoMoriImport
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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Sep 16, 2002 (GC)
    • February 2001 (N64)
  • Japan:
    • Dec 14, 2001 (GC)
    • Mar 30, 2001 (N64)
  • Europe: Sep 24, 2004
  • Australia: Oct 17, 2003
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