Animal Crossing: Wild World Action Replay Codes

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rating: 1/5

Gulliver Items. (DS) North America

This code will put all the items that you receive from Gulliver in your inventory:

121d88fe 000035c0
121d8900 000037ac
121d8902 000035e0
121d8904 000035d8
121d8906 000035e4
121d8908 000035c4
121d890a 000035d0
121d890c 000034a0
121d890e 000035b8
121d8910 000035d4
121d8912 000035c8
121d8914 000035cc
121d8916 000035dc
121d8918 000035bc

Owl Invasion. (DS) North America

This code will tranform EVERYBODY (except your characters) into owls:

520d8780 2f63706e
020d8780 5f63706e
020d8784 6d2f7073
020d8788 6c65646f
020d878c 6c776f2f
020d8790 62736e2e
020d8794 0000646d
020d8798 5f63706e
020d879c 6d2f7073
020d87a0 6c65646f
020d87a4 6c776f2f
020d87a8 7865745f
020d87ac 62736e2e
020d87b0 00007874
d0000000 00000000
d2000000 00000000
rating: 1/5

Funny Things In Trees. (DS) North America

All your fruit will be transformed into hilarious things, like fishing rods and gifts:

520dcda8 020dcb00
020dcda8 020dcb50
020dcdc8 020dccd4
020dcdc0 020dcc38
d0000000 00000000
d2000000 00000000

Complete The Museum. (DS) North America

This code will complete your museum 100%:

021ecb20 11111111
021ecb24 11111111
021ecb28 11111111
021ecb2c 11111111
021ecb30 11111111
021ecb34 11111111
121ecb38 00001111
121ecb3a 00001111
021ecb3c 11111111
021ecb40 11111111
021ecb44 11111111
021ecb48 11111111
021ecb4c 11111111
021ecb50 11111111
021ecb54 11111111
021ecb58 11111111
021ecb5c 11111111
021ecb60 11111111
021ecb64 11111111
021ecb68 11111111
021ecb6c 11111111
021ecb70 11111111
221ecb75 00000011
121ecb76 00001111
021ecb78 11111111
121ecb7c 00001111
221ecb7e 00000011

Remove All Trees And Stumps. (DS) North America

94000130 000002ee
021eccb0 021e3124
c0000000 00001000
b21eccb0 00000000
Da000000 00000000
D3000000 00000000
D7000000 021eccae
D3000000 00000000
721eccae 000000D3
821eccae 00000024
b21eccb0 00000000
10000000 0000FFF1
D3000000 00000000
D0000000 00000000
D0000000 00000000
D9000000 021eccb0
D4000000 00000002
D6000000 021eccb0
D3000000 00000000
D1000000 00000000
021eccb0 FFF1FFF1
121eccae 0000FFF1
D0000000 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Press "RIGHT+A+R" to activate the code.

Clear House Items. (DS) North America

94000130 000002DE
121e53f0 0000fff1
121e53f2 0000fff1
121e53f4 0000fff1
121e53f6 0000fff1
121e53f8 0000fff1
121e53fa 0000fff1
121e53fc 0000fff1
121e53fe 0000fff1
121e5410 0000fff1
121e5412 0000fff1
121e5414 0000fff1
121e5416 0000fff1
121e5418 0000fff1
121e541a 0000fff1
121e541c 0000fff1
121e541e 0000fff1
121e5430 0000fff1
121e5432 0000fff1
121e5434 0000fff1
121e5436 0000fff1
121e5438 0000fff1
121e543a 0000fff1
121e543c 0000fff1
121e543e 0000fff1
121e5450 0000fff1
121e5452 0000fff1
121e5454 0000fff1
121e5456 0000fff1
121e5458 0000fff1
121e545a 0000fff1
121e545c 0000fff1
121e545e 0000fff1
121e5470 0000fff1
121e5472 0000fff1
121e5474 0000fff1
121e5476 0000fff1
121e5478 0000fff1
121e547a 0000fff1
121e547c 0000fff1
121e547e 0000fff1
121e5490 0000fff1
121e5492 0000fff1
121e5494 0000fff1
121e5496 0000fff1
121e5498 0000fff1
121e549a 0000fff1
121e549c 0000fff1
121e549e 0000fff1
121e54b0 0000fff1
121e54b2 0000fff1
121e54b4 0000fff1
121e54b6 0000fff1
121e54b8 0000fff1
121e54ba 0000fff1
121e54bc 0000fff1
121e54be 0000fff1
121e54d0 0000fff1
121e54d2 0000fff1
121e54d4 0000fff1
121e54d6 0000fff1
121e54d8 0000fff1
121e54da 0000fff1
121e54dc 0000fff1
121e54de 0000fff1
121e5882 0000fff1
121e5884 0000fff1
121e5886 0000fff1
121e5888 0000fff1
121e588a 0000fff1
121e588c 0000fff1
121e58a2 0000fff1
121e58a4 0000fff1
121e58a6 0000fff1
121e58a8 0000fff1
121e58aa 0000fff1
121e58ac 0000fff1
121e58c2 0000fff1
121e58c4 0000fff1
121e58c6 0000fff1
121e58c8 0000fff1
121e58ca 0000fff1
121e58cc 0000fff1
121e58e2 0000fff1
121e58e4 0000fff1
121e58e6 0000fff1
121e58e8 0000fff1
121e58ea 0000fff1
121e58ec 0000fff1
121e5902 0000fff1
121e5904 0000fff1
121e5906 0000fff1
121e5908 0000fff1
121e590a 0000fff1
121e590c 0000fff1
121e5922 0000fff1
121e5924 0000fff1
121e5926 0000fff1
121e5928 0000fff1
121e592a 0000fff1
121e592c 0000fff1
121e5cd2 0000fff1
121e5cd4 0000fff1
121e5cd6 0000fff1
121e5cd8 0000fff1
121e5cda 0000fff1
121e5cdc 0000fff1
121e5cf2 0000fff1
121e5cf4 0000fff1
121e5cf6 0000fff1
121e5cf8 0000fff1
121e5cfa 0000fff1
121e5cfc 0000fff1
121e5d12 0000fff1
121e5d14 0000fff1
121e5d16 0000fff1
121e5d18 0000fff1
121e5d1a 0000fff1
121e5d1c 0000fff1
121e5d32 0000fff1
121e5d34 0000fff1
121e5d36 0000fff1
121e5d38 0000fff1
121e5d3a 0000fff1
121e5d3c 0000fff1
121e5d52 0000fff1
121e5d54 0000fff1
121e5d56 0000fff1
121e5d58 0000fff1
121e5d5a 0000fff1
121e5d5c 0000fff1
121e5d72 0000fff1
121e5d74 0000fff1
121e5d76 0000fff1
121e5d78 0000fff1
121e5d7a 0000fff1
121e5d7c 0000fff1
121e6122 0000fff1
121e6124 0000fff1
121e6126 0000fff1
121e6128 0000fff1
121e612a 0000fff1
121e612c 0000fff1
121e6142 0000fff1
121e6144 0000fff1
121e6146 0000fff1
121e6148 0000fff1
121e614a 0000fff1
121e614c 0000fff1
121e6162 0000fff1
121e6164 0000fff1
121e6166 0000fff1
121e6168 0000fff1
121e616a 0000fff1
121e616c 0000fff1
121e6182 0000fff1
121e6184 0000fff1
121e6186 0000fff1
121e6188 0000fff1
121e618a 0000fff1
121e618c 0000fff1
121e61a2 0000fff1
121e61a4 0000fff1
121e61a6 0000fff1
121e61a8 0000fff1
121e61aa 0000fff1
121e61ac 0000fff1
121e61c2 0000fff1
121e61c4 0000fff1
121e61c6 0000fff1
121e61c8 0000fff1
121e61ca 0000fff1
121e61cc 0000fff1
121e6572 0000fff1
121e6574 0000fff1
121e6576 0000fff1
121e6578 0000fff1
121e657a 0000fff1
121e657c 0000fff1
121e6592 0000fff1
121e6594 0000fff1
121e6596 0000fff1
121e6598 0000fff1
121e659a 0000fff1
121e659c 0000fff1
121e65b2 0000fff1
121e65b4 0000fff1
121e65b6 0000fff1
121e65b8 0000fff1
121e65ba 0000fff1
121e65bc 0000fff1
121e65d2 0000fff1
121e65d4 0000fff1
121e65d6 0000fff1
121e65d8 0000fff1
121e65da 0000fff1
121e65dc 0000fff1
121e65f2 0000fff1
121e65f4 0000fff1
121e65f6 0000fff1
121e65f8 0000fff1
121e65fa 0000fff1
121e65fc 0000fff1
121e6612 0000fff1
121e6614 0000fff1
121e6616 0000fff1
121e6618 0000fff1
121e661a 0000fff1
121e661c 0000fff1
D2000000 00000000

Press "LEFT+A+R" to activate.

Let me explain why you would need this code:
Back in the 2006, in January, Nintendo sent a "Glitched Item" in one of the AC:WW mails. If you dropped this item accidentally in your house, it would take a space up, where you couldn't walk over it or put any items there. What this code does is to delete ALL the sections from your house, this will cause to all your furniture to dissapear, but at the same time, it will delete the blank spaces that aren't used.

Inventory Items Clear. (DS) North America

94000130 000001ee
121d88fe 0000fff1
121d8900 0000fff1
121d8902 0000fff1
121d8904 0000fff1
121d8906 0000fff1
121d8908 0000fff1
121d890a 0000fff1
121d890c 0000fff1
121d890e 0000fff1
121d8910 0000fff1
121d8912 0000fff1
121d8914 0000fff1
121d8916 0000fff1
121d8918 0000fff1
121d891a 0000fff1
D2000000 00000000

Press "RIGHT+A+L" to activate.

You can use this code to clear ALL your items in your inventory. For example, if you got some of the famous Building Seeds in your inventory accidentally and can't throw them away, use this code to clear your inventory.

Run Speed Modifiers. (DS) North America


921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 000008e2
d0000000 00000000


921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 00000ae2
d0000000 00000000

Super Fast:

921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 00000ce2
d0000000 00000000

Speeding Bullet:

921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 00000fe2
d0000000 00000000

Warp Speed:

921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 00002000
d0000000 00000000

Lighting Speed:

921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 0000ffff
d0000000 00000000

100 MPH:

921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 0000a000
d0000000 00000000

150 MPH:

921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 0000b000
d0000000 00000000

200 MPH:

921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 0000c000
d0000000 00000000

600 MPH:

921c5d1c 00000002
12386920 0000ffff
d0000000 00000000

Please keep in mind the following points:
  1. This codes may freeze your game if you pick something from the ground.
  2. This codes will just work in your world map, using them in your house may cause your character to dissapear and freeze your game.

Tree Color Modifiers. (DS) North America

Green Snow Trees:

121ecc46 00004444

Pink Snow Trees:

121ecc46 00003333

White Snow Trees:

121ecc46 00000002

This codes may deform your trees in the game.

Mush Set In Your Inventory. (DS) North America

121d88fe 0000113f
121d8900 00001151
121d8902 00003208
121d8904 0000320c
121d8906 00003210
121d8908 00003214
121d890a 00003218
121d890c 0000321c
121d890e 00003220
121d8910 00003224
121d8912 00003228
121d8914 0000322c

Another rare set! This will add the Mush Set in your inventory.