Animal Crossing returns, but this time for Nintendo's Dual Screen! The Touch Screen is used as a menu, and to be able to converse! Your inventory is able to hold any 15 items ranging from Food to Clothing! You are able to hold 10 letters (opened and unopened)! Around your character will be 2 circles. One is for clothing, and the other one is for holding an item!


There are no Acres. You can move freely with the use of the Stylus and select all your items by just sliding them to the designed spots using the stylus.
You can place furniture and move it in your house by using the TouchScreen or the buttons. You decide!
You can talk to your neighbors by just tapping them.
Also, you can fish, catch bugs, and dig by just using the stylus! You decide if you will use the buttons or the stylus, whatever you like the best is fine!


• Many kinds of neighbors each with a different personality.
• Many new tools such as the Slingshot, Timer, and Watering Can.
• The ability to wear hats and accessories.
• A coffee shop in the Museum, and a barber shop in Nookingtons.
• Several expansions to make your house bigger and nicer.
• A large variety of furniture used to decorate your house.
• Nintendo wifi connection, used for visiting your friends from DS to DS or across the world!

This game is also known as:

  • Oide yo Doubutsu no Mori in Japan
  • Come to Animal Forest in Japan

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Nintendo Addresses Animal Crossing's Red Tulip Gloom

Red tulip plague not the result of a hacker/virus attack, but an uploading error on Nintendo's part

Jan 31, 2006, by Leo Chan | 0 comments

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Feb 25, 15 12:19pm
Wasn't my favorite AC game. AnimalCrossingWildWorld
KaytiieeM blogged
Jul 15, 13 6:12pm

Graphics are great, different things to do, everyday is different such as special days and holidays BUT the main idea of this game is to earn money... your constantly paying a prick that insists you have your house bigger! When I was younger it actually taught me about interest and loans so I guess it's also a good game to buy for your children that want to learn. I don't find it's that fun because it reminds me of the real life... but it's addictive -__- omg really gaming AnimalCrossingWildWorld
May 20, 13 11:06am
I play this game ALL day whenever I have free time! AnimalCrossingWildWorld
Apr 22, 13 1:03pm
is there any action replay code for ac:ww that changes the native fruit? AnimalCrossingWildWorld
Feb 25, 13 12:29pm
plz add me..friend code is 2323 5718 of town is boomsbay..thanks:) erica AnimalCrossingWildWorld
Nov 4, 12 3:17pm
ha animal crossing is so COOL! BET U DIDN'T SEE THAT ONE AnimalCrossingWildWorld
Sep 16, 12 6:43am
write a commentit is fun and hard AnimalCrossingWildWorld
Aug 5, 12 11:53am
Check out my cheat on how to get 99.999 bells in 10 easy steps... AnimalCrossingWildWorld
Aug 5, 12 3:23am
Check out my useless cheat! AnimalCrossingWildWorld
Jul 23, 12 9:21pm
my least favorite animal crossing. id rather play animal crossing on a console... AnimalCrossingWildWorld
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