Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

Get more from the Balloon Guy in the city
Ok, This is more of a cheat Then a tip... and theres allot to explain... ok so this is what you NEED TO DO THIS!!!!

You need "The Homebrew Channel" and The Apps on the channel Called Cheat Manager and Gecko OS and A Computer with SD card slot (Oviously xD )

First after getting homebrew (Look it up on google and on the main site for instructions or go to to also download it and get instructions... I kinda can somewhat tell you how to get it... But ITS ALLOT HARD TO EXPLAIN!!! So just Read the intructions) or allready have it... Make sure you have the apps I said about (Download them at or get homebrew browser on and download them Straight to your wii (Recomended) And DONT FORGET TO MAKE AN APPS FOLDER ON THE ROOT OF THE SD CARD AND EXTRACT THE APPS TO THERE , on your SD card make sure you have Folders on your root of the SD card called Txtcodes and Codes, If not Add them to it... Now take the SD card to your computer and Go to on your browser. Then go select NTSC-US ONLY (Only for North amarican games) or Somehow you got a Japanise version of the game then Do NTSC-JP or If your In Europe or somewhere and have the PAL version Then click PAL-EU/AU. Now then you hit the A button (On the site) under it and look for Animal crossing city folk. then click it And right above the cheats there should be a bar thats says Subcatagories: ### and (### Codes) And Next to that is A down arrow with the text txt and Arrow pointing right and Has the text GTC, Click on TXT and click SAVE AS and Name it then Save it in TXTcodes on The SD card after your done Put it in your PC Then load up The SD card and go to the cheat text files... (You dont have to do this, You can just play with the cheats in cheat manager and play the game but if you want to do the balloon man cheat, Then Continue reading this) Click the txt file so it opens note pad and get rid of some of the cloned cheats (The same effect as other ones) and also shorten LONG Named ones to short Named... (NOTE: KEEP THE THINGS AT THE END LIKE THIS [GMO] or something like that) Oh and the reason Im telling you to get Rid of some is cause cheat manager only desplays 46 Pages per TXT file cheat thing... so PICK WISELY and If you screw up, Redownload it and overwrite the old one :3 ... So after doing that, SAVE, SAVE, SAAAAAAVVVVEEEEE (GAWD i sound like ressetti LOL) Insert the SD card into the wii Pull up cheat manager AND click the txt file with the cheats for the game, Hit A on there for the List of Cheats you can select and use Go to the cheat you want to put on the game Press + to add the cheat and press Minus to remove the cheat. Select the one to foward time and go backwards. and hit one and after its done go to gecko OS and Launch the game, Now go to the city and go fowards in time to another day to Meet the ballon man (B+ -> = Bacwards <- is fowards Down is for normal time) and thewre now you get more stuff from him! NOW YOU CAN GET CHEATS FOR GAMES!