Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

best cheat for tarantula`s and scorpians
If you find one of these guys, DO NOT HAVE YOUR NET OUT!!! if you do they will sting/bite you.
As soon as you find one, get close to it, hold B, and run in a circle. Chase it, it will run away from you. chase it until it falls of a cliff(near a hill!VITAL!) then ,after it fell. take out your net. it should run right against the bottom of the hill. slowly descend the hill. until your close to the bottom(don`t go all the way as it will bite/sting you.) then swing your net at it while near the bottom of the hill. make sure your low enough that it will get it. go right against the edge of the hill and swing. I caught like 4 of these guys using this cheat.
BTW they are out july/august 8:00 pm to 5:00 am. i got mine at midnight(12:00 am) NEVER EVER HUNT THEM WITH YOUR NET OUT UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET STUNG/BIT(VERY VERY VITAL)