Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

Nice Ways To Get Bells
•Sell Fruit, fish, Bugs, Flowers
•Sell furniture on Flea Market Day
•Sell mushrooms (Only Applicable During November)
•Sell fossils (You don't have to donate them to the museum)
•Collect and sell sea shells (Keep Scallops for Pascal, he gives you a rare item for them and sell it)
•Let the animals turn your Garbage (Pitfalls, cans, tires, boots, etc.) into Jack in the boxs on Halloween and sell them
•Deposit money in the bank and wait until the next month (or time travel), you get interest on your bells
•Shake Trees for 100 bells and an item each day (be wary of hives, bees will sting you unless you run in a nearby building or catch them)
•Cross breeding flowers (If you have the patience and a watering can)
•Collect Event furniture and sell it to Tom (Harvest, Mush, Easter etc.)

Hoped I helped!
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