Animal Crossing: City Folk Glitches

Hole Glitch
What you'll need:

- A shovel
- A friend
- A house to glitch against

1) Dig holes against a house, like on the diagram below:

G = Ground

O = Hole

H = House

2) Get you and your friend to run into the space of ground between the holes and the house (sort of like the lighthouse glitch)

3) Eventually, one of you will end up inbetween 4 holes. This may take a long time to do.

4) Try using a shovel inbetween the holes. It may make a noise as if you're hitting a building or a rock, or you/your friend may dig a hole from a space away.

5) Get the person who's not trapped to fill the holes to release the trapped person.

Thank you for reading, and happy glitching <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />