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Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

How to trick your neighbors on halloween
If you keep on bumbing into your neighbors on halloween when your trying to find jack? It's annoying that if you don't give them candy the steal a piece and give you a jack in the box. heres how to trick you neighbors:
1. Take off all head gear and replace you cloths for patterns and put it in your house. That way you don't loose you cloths when you get a pumkin head or the patched up shirt (note: not everyone get the shirt)
2. Put all you candy in your mail.
3. empty your pockets exept keep 1 tool in your hands like the sling shot just in case.
4. fill your pocket (put leave 1 space) full of pit fall seeds which are worth nothing (from lost and found)
5. go out neighbors run towards you but don't run let them and then say no they get mad and turn a pitfall seed into a jack-in-the-box which you can sell or keep for about 8,000 HRA points. Now your candy is safe!
6. when you find jack (he won't run twors you) don't talk to him take a piece of cand from a letter and put it in your pockets now go and give it to him he gives you spooky furniture that you can selll for a lot or keep
as soon as you get it put it in your mail so no one steals it.
This gets you alot of money and it's funny to trick your neighbors!