Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

Catch a Tarantula or Scorpion!
Hey you! Are you annoyed that scorpions and tarantulas keep on biting you when you try to catch them? Well here is how to catch those little demons. Fast forward time to August at 1:00 A.M. and run around until you find one. Do not have your net out. If you take it out they will run after you. when you see one, get a bit of a distance and take out your net. It will find you. When it does, run to the level of your town thing (you know the hills where you climb up and down!) and cut the corner really fast. That should leave the tarantula or scorpion running against the wall. It will be stuck like that. Now swing your net. If you miss try swinging in a different spot but BE CAREFUL you don't set it free or else X(! Another way is get it stuck on a sign post.