Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

Nook's Exchange Prizes
An easy way to get the exchange prizes is to of course find out the day of the 5 point special where every item will be 5x more.

Ex: 2,243 bells is 22 points, and times that by 5 you will get that amount of points.

This makes it easier to get the items you want. If you run out of items to buy in the store, just keep ordering from the catalog. This will get you more points to buy your 'exchange present'.

Here are some of the items:
Peach's Parasol
Toads Hat
Bad Bro Stache
Mario Kart
Yoshi's Egg
Samus's Helmet, Hero Cap (comes with Link's hair ^^ )
Samus's clothes, Hero Clothes
Midna's mask
Yoshi's egg
Theres more than these, these are the ones that I can think of. This will take a lot of bells but there really cool to have in a house (prefurrably a Nintendo room or Mario Room).

Hope this helped ^0^