Animal Crossing: City Folk Glitches

The lighthouse glitch
Once you obtain the Lighthouse from donating a certain amount of money to the Town Hall's donation section, you'll be given a lighthouse near the beach of your town. To get on top of the lighthouse, you'll need to make sure that it's closed to a corner of land. If not, it will be much more difficult, but could still work.

If your lighthouse has a small strip of land on the side of it; it's much easier to get on top. At just about the same time you and your friend crash into that small crevice. This MUST have two or more people to do it. You'll want to get one person in the strip merely seconds before the other so that you can push him into the edge of the land; ultimately ending up in the character on top of the lighthouse. Though, only one person is up there. Once one is up there, they can get the other up as well. Simply take out your shovel and do the same thing, but before the other gets to the end of the small strip bury a hole so that they are stuck in between the hole and the land's edge. Then they must twist, and will soon be atop the lighthouse.

If you don't have that small strip of land beside your lighthouse you can do the same thing with the shovel, but from the ground and not on top of the lighthouse.