Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

Ways to get Bells and more Tips!
- Go fishing or find bugs! Sell them to get a lot of bells!

- Get items or sell them by looking inside the Recycling Bin at the Town Hall or look in the Lost and Found by talking to the dog (on the left) that is guarding the gate.

- Give unwanted items to your town residents. (Furniture, Walls, etc.) Mail it to them then they'll give you a gift back which could be better then the one you sent! Then you'll be able to sell it if you want.

- Hit rocks with your shovel! Every day there will be a rock full of bells! First, you find a rock and go in front of it. Second, you dig one hole behind you and another hole either on the left or right side of you. If there is no bells coming out then move on to the next rock. But if there is bells coming out keep hitting the rock until no bells come out. You should at least earn 8,100 Bells or even more!

- Get or find Foreign fruits! Visit your friend's town and take some fruits and go back to your town to sell it! It costs about 500 Bells! Or you could plant it so it could turn into a tree. Another way of gettig Foreign fruit is sending mail to one of your town residents and giving them a fruit. Possibility of them giving a fruit back. BUT SOME POSSIBLY WON'T.

- Well you could save your bells? Save your bells into your bank account. Keep doing it and you'll end up having huge amount of bells in your account!

- Find Gyroids or Fossils! Sell them to Tom Nook and get amounts of bells back! You don't have to give the fossils to Blathers (Owl in the museum) but only if you want too.

- Make Money trees! YOU NEED A GOLDEN SHOVEL TO DO THIS! <- It's the only
shovel that can do this. (A easy way to get the golden shovel is to make sure you have two shovels. Then you bury ONLY ONE of the shovels. You wait till the next day and dig it back up. Then you got a golden shovel.) First, dig a hole wherever you want. Then you bury your money. (As much as you want). Then the gold you buried will turn into a money tree. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE CARE OF IT!

NO NEED BUYING TREES! - Instead of wasting your money buying trees at Tom Nook's store. You could use your town's fruit or any other fruit and bury it. It will turn into a tree! Which does not take any money from you.

OH COCONUT, WHERE ARE YOU? - Have you ever seen a coconut washed up on the shore? Well if you have, TAKE IT! But don't sell it just yet. Try making a bunch of coconut trees. A whole pocket full of coconuts is 7,500 Bells. But imagine how it would be if you could sell sooooo much of them!

Hope this helps you with getting Bells! Good luck! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />