Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

Ugh! A perfect snowman is UBER HARD! (For You)
Well when it starts gettin' cold and you find snowballs and you think "Snowman Furniture!" but you need to make a perfect snowman! I'll tell you how to make one! (There super hard for you but not me cause I have experience)

1. Make sure your hair is in a flat style. (No bedhair)
2. Find 2 snowballs. (Kinda close in there vicinities)
3. Roll one so it's as tall as you character. (or just about as tall)
4. Roll the other one until it's up to your nose. (or about)
5. Roll the one that's up to your nose on top of the bigger one.

Now wait (or Time Travel) 'till you get the letter with the furniture!