: : : : : : : Find Jack the Czar of Halloween Easier!!

Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

Find Jack the Czar of Halloween Easier!!
Everyone on Halloween is wearing the same outfit. Ugh, so how do you know which one is Jack? I trapped everyone of my neighbors in holes. It was challenging because they kept moving around and trying to talk to me. But then they were stuck there for the rest of the night. I went around looking for Jack and found him. I didn't know he would disappear but he did. Glad I Dug holes!! Now, Jack was the only one that wasn't in the holes. It was easy, and i got a lot of furniture!

Warning!!!-One time Jack ended up with a neighbor in the hole trap. I didn't know which one was him, so i guessed. I was wrong and got a pumpkin head. But the other creature was Jack, so i did get candy.

Warning!!!-Nieghbors can still talk to you if you are right beside the holes or in between them.