Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

Fashion Crisis..."Eek Help Me Out Here!"
Ok you have designed really nice designs and put them on display at Able sisters but you only made new nice designs so you can get the desings already made in the shop designed by someone else-but you dont want to have bad desings in the shop when local town residents come in the shop and think "Wow __________(<--- You name eg Bob)"Wow Bob desinged this he is so slobby and all I mean look at this design whats wrong with him?" and that means your giving able sisters a bad name and they might wear it and look bad in the design. so you design a nice pattern or something and about (hang on a second let me estimate how long it takes) a month later you see 1 neighbour wearing that design and when you speak to them they say "hey! ____ (eg Mandy) you designed this it's really nice and then when that resident speaks to others around town they share the design and more residents now wanting to go in to Able sisters and doing anything FOR YOUR DESIGNS its now not a fashion crisis it's now a fashion miricale!


P.S. sometimes in the city you hear people talking about the famous person who is you and wanting to move to your town because of the fashion and when you exchange designs with friends on the wii and the same will happon again and if you visit that friends town the peolpe who have your design will praise you and sending you letters and wanting to see you more often and if you give the design to someone then they move out of town they still might be wearing your design in the city and then spreading your fashion name!