Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

How To Be A Great Resident Or in other words Checklist!

Ok, so you're running low on bells, you HRA pints are awful and your neighbours hate you. Here's a checklist to get by all of these:

1. Earn 10,000 (or more) bells a day by selling fruit.
2. Catch 10 fish and sell them.
3. Catch 5 bugs and sell them (in winter, catch 5 more fish)
4. Dig up 5 cracks and sell contents.
5. Water wilting flowers and plant 5 or more flowers and 1 tree.
6. Talk to all neighbours 5 times.
7. Write a letter to all neighbours and attach gift.
8. Sell shells.
9. Rearrange your furniture but don't change it.
10. Pay half of the money of your mortgage.

Do this for a couple of weeks and your town will flourish. You're enviroment comments will be excellent, you will be rich, the HRA will love you and everyone in town will be your BFF!