Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

Avoid Resetti
In the last game, there was no possible way to avoid Resetti. However, there is one way I've found in this game. It's not something you can easily make happen, it's easier said than done. What happened to me was when Pete came to my door to give me a letter from Nintendo, my pockets were full so he said he'd come back later. So then I got curious, if he waits at your door, how would Resetti come? So I reset, I talked to Pete, and sure enough Resetti never showed. The hard part about this is that you have to wait until Nintendo sends out a letter. Once Pete shows up though, you can keep resetting. You can save as well, but make sure you have 8 letters in your pocket. If you have less, when you play next he will give it to you and leave.

So keep 8 letters in your pocket all the time, switch in and out when you get new ones in your mailbox. And when Pete comes, he will wait at your door until you start up with an open spot for his letter.