Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

DS suitcase, what's that?
So, when I was playing my wii game, and I saw that DS suitcase thing at the beginning, I thought it just meant that you could send over items and Bells from one to the other. Well, it doesn't really mean that. These are any DS-wii interactions I know of:

-Playing with another friend on their wii. YOu use your DS to download your wii data, and then you bring your DS to a friend's house, play around, have your guy go back into the DS, go back home and have your character go back into your wii. I've never done this with a friend, so I'm only guessing. For more details, just check your ACCF handbook thingy that came with the game.
-You can also start a new resident with one from your DS, onto the wii. He'll have some of the catalog items from the DS, and I think any bells he had saved from the last game. The character will still be in the DS, though. Once again, check around in your guidebook for details; I've never done this before.