Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

The ULTIMATE way to make money
Ok you hear the easter egg stuff in this well....this is better
It involves a lot of work

1.rack up you money from bank and house

2.go to bunny day 2009 date is 4/12 the day easter is usally on

3. make sure you have a shovel and empty invitory

4. dig up all all eggs fossils and groyds

5. put candy in front of town hall

6.sell bunny funiture/sell fossils(examine at museam first)/sell groids put money in bank

[harder7.0go to festival or (holloween/(7/2) give all your candy to Pave and get funiture then sell until you run out or talk to neighbors for more candy

[easier7(2)]go to halloween and give your candy to jack for furiture until you run out of candy,(note jack doesent chase you)then sell furniture and put money in bank.

8.go to christmas(make sure you have lots of different cloths hats and asseroies) talk to jingle and get furiture the change look until you have a lot of furniture, sell then put money in bank.

9 you should have tons of cash in your bank.

10. save,then skip 10-13 years ahead of time

11. go to bank you intrest should make your money the greatest amount you have ever seen

12.spent it on whatever you want!!

problems and solutions

weeds!?: find wisp give him his lamp then wish weeds away

Friends moving away:if there about to move plant many flowers around the house and talk to them and try to stop them from movin a few times this should Increase you chances of them staying

reward you self with rare items

also you will most likley get items from town hall that will increase your HRA score....hope i helped!!