Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

save a ton of time watering - works great if you're wanting hybrids!
Planting in an "X" pattern works great for producing hybrids. If you have a hybrid that you are trying to produce more of, place it in the center of the "X" and at the tips of the "X" place flowers that produce that type of hybrid. Here's an example were F = flower and S = space

F S F here's the awesome part, you only have to water the center flower in the "X" this also works for an "H" or a whole square of flowers (watering exactly on the center flower will water all 9 flowers) I've done this for a couple months. I've even purposely skipped watering some of the squares to test if watering only the center will revive the wilted flowers. I haven't lost a flower yet and I have a ton hybrids. You can apply this to long rows of flowers say going from North to South and only water on one side of the row. This is great for places where u want the flowers to aide in the regrowth of grass!! Then you only have to walk on it minimally to water all the flowers!