Animal Crossing: City Folk Easter eggs

Candy is better than bunny foil!!!
Okay, so you're digging for eggs. You REALLY want some bunny foil. To give to Zipper T., right? Well don't be discouraged if it seems that you only get candy... Because candy is better than bunny foil!! Once you've found all the bunny eggs that can be found (or what seems like it), save, start your game again, and set the time to Festivale. This is not a major time jump, (for 2009, Bunny Day is April 12, and Festivale is February 23)therefore you won't see much of a difference in weeds. Once at Festivale, go to Pave and give him three of the candies in the color he asks for. He will reward you with a piece from the Pave series, 12,000 bells each! (Sell them, the colors are a bit.. well, they're not my style.) You make the most money if you have 4 characters, each gets about 12-60,000 bells each!! What a haul!!