: : : : : : : Cheating Nook and Earning Easy Bells

Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

Cheating Nook and Earning Easy Bells
You know that annoying part of the game, where Nook makes you work for him? You can cheat him! I do! Ok, so here is what he asks you to do and how you can cheat him:

Talk to Everyone: They all hang around near or in there houses at this stage, there's really no way to cheat out of this, just go to their houses and talk to them all. Don't forget Tortimer in the town hall! He asks your favorite animal, just say Turtle and he'll love you.
Put on your Work Uniform: Put it on. Yes, it's ugly, but keep it even after you're done. On Halloween you can change it into a Moldy or Patched Shirt.
Plant Flowers and Trees: You can steal these and put them outside your house. Nook has no idea, plus it makes your house look pretty.

I don't know the exact order of the next parts, I'll just put them in order as best as I can.

Direct Mail: Write something random, like "Nook loves you" or "Nook is a Panda" or something of that nature. He has no idea, plus it's fun to embarrass him a little! (NOTE: If you drop the stationary outside the store, he'll give you more. You can continue dropping to get as much as you want to send tons of letters to your animal friends!)
Delivering Furniture and Carpet: Deliver it. No real way to cheat. But, the animals give you furniture/carpets back, so it's all good.
Delivering Watering Can: This will be to the person you wrote the letter to. Deliver it and laugh when they show you the letter. It's fun to see how they have absolutely no idea what the letter means.
Message Board: Write pretty much the same thing as you wrote in the letter. It's fun to see him even MORE publicly humiliated! Serves him right for enslaving you against your will.
Then, you're done with Nook!!

Here's how to earn easy bells:
Go to the Lost and Found or Recycling Bin.
Take all the stuff out.
Keep what you want, sell the rest to Nook.
You can continue doing this, and also shaking trees and selling the furniture.
Another way is if a neighbor asks you to deliver something, and you're not afraid of making that certain neighbor angry, open the present and keep or sell it, depending upon what the present is.