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How to Get the Complete Snowman Furniture Set
After building a lot of "duds", I looked for some way to consistently make a perfect Snowman, each and every time. So I began counting how many steps/ paces forward I took, while rolling each half of the body, and this is what I found (note: counting actually begins after you start pushing the snowball with your hands):

The Bottom Half:
I'm almost sure there is a limit to how big a snowball can ever get (so don't stress over making it too big)--nevertheless, I found that after approx. 70 paces, the snowman base (the bigger half) was complete.

The Top Half:
This is the half of the body that must be more precise. I've noticed that if the head is approx. 2/3 the size of the body, you're Snowman is a success... about 40 steps has been pretty reliable for me, so far (I've acquired the entire Snowman set using this method, so it's certainly worth trying!).

Note: I always scope out where each snowball is first, before I begin rolling them around (so I don't ever have to make size adjustments to the top half later on, or lose count of my steps). I also try to choose the widest, snowiest, most open location for the job (mostly because I have a short attention span, and will otherwise forget where one of them is!). However, if you DO make the second half too big, just roll it over a non-snowy surface, until it's the right size (you might be better off destroying the "bad half", and starting over again with a freshly spawned snowball).

You only have three months to build 12 perfect specimens, and just one shot at it per day, so having a consistent method can save you a lot of frustration. And if you are really good, you can easily exceed this number, and make a ton of bells by selling the extra furniture at Nooks, or even at auction.

Hope this helps!