Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

Millionaire in a month
This will be described in steps. This will help if you want the very expensive gracie grace furniture or want to pay off a loan.
Step 1: (note: you will need to have created 4 residents to live in the houses provided, plus they will need a shovel! Make sure you have completed the jobs from tom nook first!) Go round the four characters and find the money rock for each of them (yes! 4 money rocks!) which from each rock you will get 8100 bells. In a day, you will recieve 8100 x 4= 32,400.
Step 2: Get the four money rocks each day for 7 days and you will get 226,800 in a week! Plus, buy a red turnip from joan on a sunday morning and take care of it for a week and you will get 16,000 bells if you sell it on saturday.
Step 3: Do this procedure for 5 weeks running, saving every bell you make and you will get 1214000 bells! Ok, so 5 weeks is a bit over a month, but still! Now use the money wisely, and you may even get more if you sell fruit and fossils, fish e.c.t. - Good Money making luck!