Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

How to Build a Snowman
You can only build a snowman when there is snow on the ground from December to February. First, locate both snowballs hidden somewhere in your village. Roll one of the snowballs to the location of the other one (this one will probably be the bottom because you have rolled it and gotten it big.) Then, make the second snowball so that it is only slightly smaller than the other snowball. Finally, roll the second, smaller snowball into the first ( the snowman will come alive.)

Hint **If you accidentally let one snowball go into the river or the ocean or something, don't worry, BOTH snowballs will reset themselves in different parts of the village. Also, the snowballs will only get bigger if you roll them in snow so if you don't want it to grow then roll it on dry ground.

Remember **The snowman will only send you furniture if your proportions are exact so don't make the head too big or the body too small. Also, remember that you can only make one snowman a day.