Animal Crossing: City Folk Unlockables

Unlockable Holiday Items
Talk to Tortimer on one of the following holidays to recieve a free gift.
so, on Easter day ( which will change every year, and this year it's April 19th 2009), you look around your town to find little bury spots (which look like 'X''s), and dig up little bunny eggs with your shovel. then go to your menu and open them. if you get candy, see if you can save it for Halloween, but if you get bunny Foil, give it to the jacked up yellow bunny in front of the town center, and he'll give you egg furnature in exchange for the ticket.
Here's what I found:
Egg Bed
Egg Wallpaper
Egg Carpet
Egg Clock
Egg Table
Egg Chair
Egg Bench
Egg Wardrobe
These are the types of candy you can get:
Red Candy
Yellow Candy
Green Candy
Blue Candy
there might be more, and other than the color, they don't differ st all.
Hope this helps!!!!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Cool GlobeTalk to him on Nature Day
LeafTalk to him on April Fools Day
Picnic BasketLabor Day
Resetti ModelGroundhog Day
Sailboat ModelExplorer's Day
Wheat BundleHarvest Moon Day
party popper (usable)new years eve (night)
Happy New Years ShirtTalk to Tortimer on New Years Day
knife and forktalk to totimer on the fourth thursday of november