: : : : : : : How to easily get $100,000+ bells!

Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

How to easily get $100,000+ bells!
To do this on a fleamarket day in summer it is very good if it is raining do it at 4:00 P.M so start catching dorados, sharks, and coelacanth take all your stuff in your house and put the stuff either in a storage furniture or drop it outside and then put your coelacanth, dorados, and sharks (note you should catch some barred knifejaws and red snappers too.)and all your other things that you want to sell in your house and you can sell them for twice the price that tom nook gives you (for example sell a dorado, shark, or coelacanth for 30,000.) I hope this helps! (Note it also works on the DS version.)