Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

'Kicks' the shoe shine guy!
In AC:CF, you can change the type and colour of your shoes. Firstly, make sure its a clear or sunny day (not raining, cloudy, stormy, or snowing)then put on your favourite shirt (might be good to put on the one you wear most) and head over to the city, with at least 500 bells. When you get to the city, look for the auction house, but don't enter it. On the right of the auction house, there should be a run down house with a boarded up door. In front of the door, there should be a black and white skunk sitting on one of the steps. Talk to him, and he'll change your shoes. He's use your most dominating colour, e.g. red hair, green shirt = red shoes, green laces. Thanks!

NOTE: Kicks may not be there every day!