Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

Multiple Jingle Gifts
O.K. just to be clear for everyone.
Jingle comes late Christmas Eve from 8:00P.M. to midnight (12:00A.M.)

Important: He will give you one present depending on the accessories or hats you have on at the time of meeting him.

1.Go find Jingle on the 24th without anything on except your shirt.
2.After you get the present go inside a house, museum, whatever and put on 1 of either a hat or accessory.
3.Walk back out and find Jingle again, he will say that he thought he saw someone like you before and will proceed with the interrogation of what you like again so he can make up his mind on what kind of gift to give you.
4.Repeat this method as many times as you like or until you get every piece of furniture.
5.If Jingle happens to dissapear during this, don't panic.
6.Save your game.
7.Rewind time back 1 day.
8.Load your character up so it registers the day change.
9.Save again and fast forward back to the 24th.
10.And repeat steps 1-3 as desired.

I hope this helps everyone!!!