Animal Crossing: City Folk Unlockables

January Birthdays
Every character in the game has a birthday. Here are the ones that occur during the month of January.
jessica january 28
CharacterCharacter's Birthday
BobJanuary 1st
PonchoJanuary 2nd
JoeyJanuary 3rd
RoaldJanuary 5th
CarmenJanuary 6th
HarryJanuary 7th
PierceJanuary 8th
TiffanyJanuary 9th
MoeJanuary 12th
PuddlesJanuary 13th
GladysJanuary 15th
RizzoJanuary 17th
SimonJanuary 19th
OpalJanuary 20th
GenjiJanuary 21st
FrancineJanuary 22nd
GwenJanuary 23rd
RhondaJanuary 24th
SavannahJanuary 25th
AuroraJanuary 27th
MargieJanuary 28th
CubeJanuary 29th
WinnieJanuary 31st
DédéJanuary 25th
KatJanuary 19th