Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

Money and good town
I did this on the DS version and it works the same principle in this game.
1st. You need a friend who has the game and is willing to restsrt his town all the time (or hav more than one friend)
2nd. Take the fruit from your friends town (providing its different than your fruit) Then cut down a big are of trees in a part of your town (start in a top corner and count a 16 by 16 grid, easiest way is dig 16 holes in a row) and in this box neatly plant your fruit (1 kind of fruit) so it creates a nice Orchard.
3rd. Do this for all the fruits ( have more than 1 Orchard of each fruit)

Now the explaining part:
To get a perfect town you need to have a certain amount of trees in an area (16 by 16 grid if its the same as the DS)(i think its 9 to 12 trees) and you also need 3 or more flowers and no weeds of wilting flowers. but you need your entire town done like that. thats how you get the golden watering can!
Now that you have all or some different fruit sell it all and you will make about 200,000 in an hour, then time travel 2 - 3 days so the fruit grows back and sell it again.

Hope this helps cause me and my mates did it and now we're filthy rich (in bells of course)