: : : : : : : A list of ways to make quick bells

Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

A list of ways to make quick bells
  • Sell Fruit, fish, Bugs, Flowers
  • Sell furniture on Flea Market Day
  • Sell mushrooms (Only Applicable During November)
  • Sell fossils (You don't have to donate them to the museum)
  • Collect and sell sea shells (Keep Scallops for Pascal, he gives you a rare item for them)
  • Let the animals turn your Garbage (Pitfalls, cans, tires, boots, etc.) into Jack in the boxs on Halloween and sell them
  • Deposit money in the bank and wait until the next month (or time travel), you get interest on your bells
  • Shake Trees for 100 bells and an item each day (be wary of hives, bees will sting you unless you run in a nearby building or catch them)
  • Cross breeding flowers (If you have the patience and a watering can)
  • Collect Event furniture and sell it to Tom (Harvest, Mush, etc.)