Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

How to Grow Money Trees
On the game you'll need:

1 axe (preferably silver/gold but normal will work)
1 shovel (gold)
10,000G or more
A worthless tree (No fruit trees)

What you do is you get your axe out, go to a worthless tree, and chop it down. All you have left is a stump. Dig the stump up. Now you have a hole dug where the tree used to be. Bury the money the your golden shovel and watch the tree grow!

Now, keep in mind this WILL NOT always work. Sometimes your tree will grow, but it will not bear any money. But if you want to increase your chances, bury more money! It's rumored that it works somewhat like this: 10,000G = 10% chance, 50,000G = 50% chance, etc.