Animal Crossing: City Folk Easter eggs

Harvest Fest
On Thanksgiving day from: 3:00pm-8:00pm Franklin turkey will come visit your town as a special visitor. Tortimer will be in front of the Town Hall, go talk to him. He will tell you a special visitor is coming then ask you to deliver you of your town members "Fork & Knife". You can either find them and give it to them(which I never did, so you could see what happens) OR find Franklin to give it to him. He will reward you with one of the many Harvest Furniture pieces:
Harvest Wall
Harvest Rug
Harvest TV
Harvest Bed
Harvest Lamp
Harvest Dresser
Harvest Bureu
Harvest Mirror
Harvest Clock
Harvest Sofa
Harvest Table

That all I found you might find more...Just a heads up every time you give Franklin the "Fork & Knife" he will go off and hide some where else in your town. Behind houses, trees, and signs are most common. All YOU have to do is get more "Forks & knifes" give them to him and Wall-LA! You can't buy the Harvest items, and they sell for a lot so even if you don't plan on keeping the furniture HAPPY HUNTING/MONEY MAKING!!!